Friday, November 17, 2017


Bruce Moen passed away November 14, 2017.  The next day I heard from him.  People all over the world were sharing their feelings and sympathies over the Internet through messages and photos in an outpouring of love, appreciation, and gratitude for his work and for having known him. 

I too was posting and reading and replying, trying to keep up with it all.  The joy of the Internet is the instantaneousness of everything.  If you don’t partake you’ll miss out on the moment things happen, and they happen fast on the Internet.  If it weren’t for all of these people posting and sharing I would be missing out on so much.  And I needed their support as much as they needed it.  We were all there for each other.  So many people hurrying to spread the news, to say their goodbyes and give their love and sentiments and sympathies, and fond and funny memories.  I was so happy to be a part of all of this and to take part in what everyone else was sharing.  Good tears flowing off and on.

I was starting to feel overwhelmed at being pulled in so many different directions at once.  I had people emailing and texting me at the same time.  I was inundated with messages, emails, phone calls, and work to be done on Bruce’s website.  I was juggling it all but all this doing was draining me and I was feeling overwhelmed.  But I knew this frenzy of work needed to be done. 

After hitting Enter for the hundredth time that day I slumped back in my chair hoping for a moment of rest, feigning exhaustion by dropping my arms at my side and letting out a sigh.  I turned my head to look at Bruce’s photo on my desk and said, “Just doing my part!” 

His picture has been sitting right there near the edge the past several days, my coffee cup back seated, to help get me through this difficult time.  I could see his face and I could smile at him and say hi, and it made me feel better.  It was a normal reaction for me to just talk to Bruce whenever I felt like it because I know he always gets my messages.

And to my surprise Bruce responded to my message right at that moment. 

Now, I’ve had many amazing experiences throughout my life but it never ceases to amaze me even when it’s the slightest sensation of nonphysical communication.  It was such a soft and subtle sensation.  If I had not slumped back in my chair for a momentary lull in the bustle I might have missed it, like missing a tinkling of a tiny bell on a busy downtown street. 

So here’s the sequence of it:

Me:  I slump back in my chair, turn to Bruce’s picture and say, “Just doing my part!” with feigned exhaustion.

Bruce:  Instantly in my mind’s eye I see Bruce rubbing his forehead, hear a short chuckle from him, and feel him thinking a feigned “Aye yi yi” in response to me as if he’s overwhelmed and bewildered. 

Me:  I chuckle out loud.  I instantly feel Bruce is here, and I think to myself contact after death is real, and it comes in ways you least expect it to, and oh my God I’m really feeling Bruce’s connection right now!  even though I already know it’s real but I’m still amazed.  Bruce taught me, you just respond and play along.  You can doubt and analyze later but for now just stay in the flow. 

So I quickly think back to him, “There’s just so much to do, I’m pulled all these ways, but I’m happy to play my part in commemorating and honoring you and happy to be a part of it all.”

Bruce: “Yeah I see the circus that’s going on down there.  Everyone scrambling around.  And I’m just enjoying the show!”   

A chuckle from both of us, and now I’m smiling at how easy this kind of communication works. 

Me:  “We’re all busy because of you!  Look at all that love you’re getting,” I quickly respond because it’s what I’m naturally thinking and I’m not trying to overthink what to say.   

Bruce:  Shaking his head in amazement and joy.

Me:  “Well I want to know what’s going on where you are, what do you see, what are you up to?”

Bruce:  “Oh my God, there’s so much going on!  I’m overwhelmed.  But in a good way.”  He says that with the accentuation of putting his left forefinger up in the air, one eye closed, and a raised eyebrow, so that I know what he means. 

“It’s a continuous celebration.  There’s so much to take in, so many people here for me.  And then I get pulled to focus on what’s going on there in the physical because of my death, so I spend time soaking all that in.  I feel everything, all of it.  And then my attention is pulled back here.  But it’s not the same thing as it would be for you in the physical.  For me it’s all happening at once but I can pay attention to it all at the same time.  His experience and my impression was that he was feeling pure joy.  There was no hurry or time constraint.  He was in the moment of it all, experiencing both these realities at once.

Me:  I’m smiling at this surreal experience.  “I hope you’re proud, and pleased!” 

Bruce:  For a moment, no words, but I feel his happiness.  Then he says, “Thanks for doing your part.”  And I get that’s why he communicated right at that moment when I said, “Just doing my part!”  He’s grateful for what everyone’s doing for him and because of him.  Feeling such gratitude.  I could really feel how proud he was that all this, both here and there, was because of him. 

That was it.  I’ll definitely try to tune back in to him another time. 

Bruce, you’re my best friend.  Thanks for the love and the laughs.  I’ll know we’ll have lots of visits again.  And I know I’ll see you again in the Everything Else.  Til next time. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Partnered Exploration & Self Exploration, Discovery and Self Healing

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Taught by metaphysical author and lecturer Bruce Moen 

Sept 24 through 28, 2016 
1200 Oakridge Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Hotel rooms will be specially discounted for this event held at the Courtyard Marriott in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

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Bruce Moen will be returning to Colorado to teach two of his workshops in a combined 5-day course:  

Partnered Exploration Workshop Description 

This workshop builds upon the experiences and skills gained in the Exploring the Afterlife, for expanded exploration beyond physical reality.  It was developed to facilitate verification of information gathered during experiences for which no physically living authority exists.  You'll learn how to explore the places Bruce has written about in his books and verify your experiences as real.  You can read a more detailed course description to learn more about what's taught in this workshop.  

Self Exploration, Discovery and self Healing Advanced Workshop Description

This advanced workshop utilizes the tools, skills and experience gained in the Exploring the Afterlife & Partnered Exploration workshops to learn more about who and what we really are.  The focus of this workshop centers on the concept of Aspects of Self, fragments of our identity, who exist separated from our conscious awareness.  Some of these Aspect of Self exist due to traumas in our present lifetime, some due to events in past lives.  This workshop teaches concepts and exercises intended to retrieve these lost fragments of Self and to reintegrate them into our Identity as part of the process of becoming a more fully integrated, Whole Being.  You can read a more detailed course description to learn more about what's taught in this workshop.  


The cost of the workshop is $325; however, a discounted price of $300 is available if paid in full by August 15.


A full refund will be given if requested prior to September 1.

After September 1 only a 50% refund can be given up to one week prior to workshop.  No refunds within 7 days of workshop.


Vicky Short

Thursday, May 12, 2016


I study any form of ability that demonstrates using our nonphysical senses.  I love the show Medium as well as Allison DuBois’ books because I see a lot of similarities in how my own abilities work.  In this clip Allison’s daughter says, “I felt like I was guessing, it was so easy.”  And Allison says, “That’s what it feels like to be able to pull the information.”  

I don’t have it as easy as Allison DuBois, I have to continually study and practice.  But from my own experience I know that a feeling level is where nonphysical perception happens.  Information comes in on a feeling level that's so subtle you could easily miss it.  I get off course, or we lose the feeling, when I try to work from a thinking, analytical level.  So my continual practice is working on the balance. 

Sometimes in order to “pull information” (which is exactly how I describe the process in my own experiences) you have to find a way back to the feeling (or area of consciousness) of the information in order to perceive more of it.  My process is like searching my mind for what feels right, and then I stick with that feeling until I perceive more, describing to myself what I’m perceiving and feeling.  These two words, perceiving and feeling, become interchangeable for me as I continue the process. 

The overall process would be, like Allison’s daughter said, feeling like you’re guessing.  And I believe that’s because of the back-and-forth nature of balancing feeling with thinking.  In some rare cases I have had experiences that give me a flooding in of information on a feeling level so fast that it’s impossible to think about it while it’s happening.  There’s no feeling of guessing there…that’s what I call that knowing feeling.  I love the knowing feeling, love when it just happens that easily.  I’m learning to work with what I feel and trust the process of pulling out the information. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I often have a clear psychic connection while driving.  Maybe it’s because driving creates an altered state of consciousness without me being aware anything's changed, making the connection easier. 

The past couple of months I’d been more preoccupied than usual about some life issues causing me to worry about things I can't control.  And then yesterday before I left work I consciously told myself to drop the issues, get back to focusing on the things I could control, and to just pay more attention to my inner guidance.  

That intention helped me avoid a bad accident on the way home. You can call it an inner voice, psychic feeling, intuition, higher self, or whatever you want.  But my advice is just listen to it.  And though I know this, even I’m guilty of pushing it away sometimes. But yesterday I’m so glad I listened.  

While on my way home from work the guy in the big white van in front of me kept braking.  I couldn’t see around him so I wasn’t sure what his deal was.  We were in the far left lane.  Cars from the middle lane kept getting in front of him, so I knew he wasn’t braking because traffic up ahead was bumper to bumper.  

I wanted to change lanes but didn’t have a chance yet, but as we crested a big hill it gave me a chance to see ahead of him.  I saw no reason for him to be braking but since I was just a few blocks from my left-hand turn I thought I may as well just stay behind him.  But then I got a distinct feeling that said, “If you’re going to do that, then stay farther behind to avoid hitting him.”  I didn’t actually hear those words but their feelings and meaning were unmistakable. 

So I listened.  I fell back at least three car lengths between us, hoping no one would swoop in front of me since I know that my intuition only tell me need-to-know information and it usually comes only moments before an event or outcome.  In other words, because I got the psychic nudge, an accident was bound to happen. If someone else had gotten in front of me they would have been involved in the collision.

About thirty seconds later, at the bottom of that big hill, I saw the van’s brake lights again.  Now that we were at the bottom of the hill I couldn’t see around the van until a few seconds later a black truck in front of the van swerved to the left and came to a dead stop.  I knew right then and there an impact was inevitable, and as the white van swerved to the right it crashed into the truck.    

Because I had fallen behind as much as I did, I had plenty of time not only to avoid the collision but to also move around them on the left hand side, which had a full and empty left turn lane.  Why the black truck slammed his brakes and came to a full stop had me baffled.  There weren’t any other cars around.  The guy in the black truck was out of the truck and on his phone pretty quickly so I knew he wasn’t having some medical issue, which is the only reason I would have stayed at the scene.  Since I couldn’t see around the van at the time the black truck braked I really couldn’t tell whose fault it was...was the truck brake-checking?  Was the van tailgating?  I was just so grateful I got that psychic nudge to “stay farther behind to avoid hitting him.”  And so glad that I listened to it.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I know that I haven’t been taking the online dating thing completely seriously.  But at least I’m trying it out.  My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to start my free trial earlier than my plan.  I just had to find out if the guy I winked back at and then accidentally “favorited” was the one who emailed me right afterward.

Good news…I had found a 7-day free trial online instead of the 3-day one they sent me in an email.  Cool.  Now I had full use of all the features for a week and a little more time to monkey with the site before I had to decide if I want to pay for a subscription. 

Bad news…My “favorite” guy didn’t write me.  But 5 others did, three of which were out of state, which made no sense to me.  Out of those 5 emails, 4 of them all sounded totally like standard form letters; none of them mentioned anything about my profile nor asked me anything about myself.  

One email simply said, “interested are you”.  No kidding, that’s all it said.  No caps, no punctuation, not even a complete sentence.  Wow.  And he was one of the two that was from my state!  

While I was giving the polite “no thanks” system-generated reply to all these guys, I got a notification telling me that Favorite Guy has just favorited me too.  No email though.  Hmmm.  Is he thinking that since I favorited him first that I should email first?  Mine was an accident.  There’s no way he accidentally favorited me too.  

Then one more email popped up.  Still not Favorite Guy.  This one was asking if I wouldn’t mind looking at his profile and telling him why none of the women he’s emailed have emailed him back, and is there something wrong with his profile.   

Really?  I would have been very offended had his photo not looked like a cross between Einstein and Charles Manson.  I didn’t bother responding.

I found out it’s a lot of work using an online dating site.  You spend a lot of time reading profiles and checking to see who winked at you or who looked at your profile. 

And then you have to rate your daily matches and you don’t get more until you do.  I know it’s all designed to pique your curiosity and entice you to initiate contact or respond to emails, but I’m not sure this is the way I want to go about finding a guy.

I decided to be more proactive at this since I had a free trial, so I found two men whose profiles I really liked and who I was physically attracted to.  I winked at both and emailed both.  After 5 days neither one of them winked nor emailed back, and only one of them viewed my profile.  

This time I really was offended.  One of them didn’t even view my profile!  Why not?  Wasn’t he even curious? Was he getting so many emails from other women, or was he sending out so many emails that he didn’t have time to look at mine?  And for both of them not to even reply, not to even send back the system-generated “no thanks” was just rude.  

"Favorite" Guy hid his profile without ever emailing me.  Now I wish I had emailed him.  He's either involved with someone nor or he's decided to take a break.  

I let the free trial run for 5 days and then I canceled it so that I could be sure they wouldn’t start the paid subscription package I selected.  Because I know I’m not ready for this.  I’m still not interested in actually going out on dates. 

Baby steps.  I’ve been taking baby steps all year, preparing myself in little ways that are opening me up to looking for a new relationship.  It’s been a slow process but I can feel myself getting there.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Most of all I’ve tried praying, setting intention, manifesting, and the law of attraction.  They haven’t worked yet.  But I’m hopeful that things are still coming into alignment, and when the right opportunity comes it’ll happen for me.

This year during my cancer treatment I even tried getting to know one of my docs more personally.  It was invigorating and exciting, all the conversations we had getting to know each other, and I knew I had made the right decision in following my heart and my gut.  We are both really attracted to each other but he’s in a relationship.  He wasn’t happy in it and wasn’t sure it’s what he wanted but now plans to keep it.  I’m so crushed, but I’m proud for opening myself up that way.  It felt good just knowing I could have those feelings for someone again.

Recently I even tried an online dating site.  I have started and deleted these things about four times, but this time I went all the way in doing a profile and even uploading photos.  I just haven’t paid yet, still debating with myself.  So I don’t have full use of all the features.

I’m following the advice of articles online, like asking people I know if they know someone (a guy) who is single, great, cute, around my age, etc.  I’m glad no one has suggested anyone yet.  I’m not sure I could go on a blind date.  If it was a group thing then that would be better.

I’ve been thinking of places to go and things to do alone so that I can meet someone, since as my son pointed out, “Mom, with as young as you look and as old as I look, when I go places with you people just think we’re a couple.”  Good point.  He plans on getting a shirt that says, “My mom is single and she’s right next to me” and wearing it any time we’re out together.  It delivers two messages at once…that he’s not my significant other and that I’m available.  He’s so logical.  I need a version of him that’s relationshipable.  Or I need a male version of myself.  I really like all my qualities.

All this pondering about opening myself up to having another relationship (after 7 years of being divorced) is not what it was when I was young.  Finding someone is just as hard as imagining one.  I’m not sure what I’m looking for so it’s hard to know how to attract the right person.  I can only compare what I would like to what I already know.  Like the Doc.  He seemed perfect for me, but this is my problem….I so far only meet guys who are in relationships or married, or they’re too young.

I’ve been wishing I hadn’t kept on walking when the cute guy in the parking lot at King Soopers a few months ago said, “That’s a great umbrella!”  God, I wish I had stopped and talked to him, found of if he’s single, etc.  Why didn’t I?  I know why.  I wasn’t in a place at that time in my life for doing that kind of thing.  All I said was, "Thanks."  Besides, I was still hoping for the Doc then.  I should have said, “If you’re single, that’s a great pickup line!”  I wish I could think of those things in the moment.  Darn!  That would have been a great response.  Maybe I should walk around that parking lot with my umbrella and see if I can find him again.

Back to that online dating site…

I’m so dorky that I can’t even figure out how to navigate a dating website.  I’m still in the thinking-about-it-phase, not yet wanting to pay for the full service of the dating site until I have my profile done, my pics up, learning how to do searches, etc.  Because you see, you can get a 3-day free trial, so I’m thinking I’ll start that on my weekend so that I have time do really use it.  But so far in the meantime I’ve managed to screw things up already.  While I’m still not a paying customer, I’ve accidentally “Liked” 12 random “matches” all at once.  How the hell did I do that when I hadn’t even looked at their profiles yet?  That really messes up the whole concept of Tell us who you like, and we’ll send you more matches just like them.  So until I subscribe and pay, I won’t be able to delete those “Likes”.  Crap!

Then, I was checking out all the “winks” I have gotten so far in the last two days, and one of them was a guy I actually think is pretty nice looking.  So I got brave and winked him back!  Yikes, I can’t believe I did that!  But it was kinda fun.  So I figured I’d wait and see if I get any emails, even though I can’t read them or tell who they are from unless I pay, and when my weekend comes, I’ll start the free trial and then read the emails.  See what it’s like.  See if I like this whole idea of online dating.  Get a feel for it, you know?  See if the guy who I winked back at writes me.  I figure he winked first so he should be the first to email.  Either way, after the free trial I’ll try the 3-month subscription and give it a shot.

That was my plan, until…and I can’t believe I did this…I accidentally “favorited” the guy who winked at me who I winked back at.  Crap!  God, I can’t believe my bad luck.  I was on my cell phone at work, logged onto the site, looking at “matches” and the photo of the guy I winked back at came up, so I thought I’d look at his profile again.  I clicked on it, nothing.  So I click again, not realizing my phone was just slow because of my work’s slow connection, and his profile finally comes up.  But right where I clicked the second time was where his “Favorite” tab was, and yep, it now says that I’ve made him my favorite.  Crap!

Next thing I know there’s a new email in my queue.  But I can’t read it or tell who sent it until I pay for a subscription!  I’m thinking it’s probably him.  Ugh.  Now he thinks I’m flirting with him.  And what about those other 12 random guys I accidentally “Liked”?  The system sends out an email telling you that so-and-so has “Liked” you.  Grrr!  So it’s probably because of that that I have all these likes and winks.  I’m really missing the umbrella guy more and more.  But I keep telling myself maybe he wasn’t single and was just being nice.  I will never know.

By the way, a woman keeps popping up in my “matches” queue on the dating site.  That’s weird.  I’m not even going to click on her profile to find out why.  I might accidentally send some kind of message.

Am I the only person in the world who Googles how to use a dating site?  I feel so doofy doing that, but I can’t even call for customer service unless I pay first.  I’m at a loss.  Now I’m afraid to do anything on there.  Who knows what I’ll end up causing.

So if the wink/favorite guy is the one who just emailed me after I accidentally favorited him, should I tell him it was an accident?  I’m really not ready to go on a date.  It even says that on my profile page.  (I’m quite literal and very straight-forward).  My plan was to just see if there is someone I like, email or chat with him, and see how it feels.  See if I’m really interested.  And of course then I’ll need time to get to know him.  I mean, I wouldn’t just go meet someone not even knowing if I even think I might like him.  But then, it does take actual face to face contact to really tell.  Ugh.  I’m so not ready for this.  Where’s my umbrella?  

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Two and a half years ago while getting my taxes done the third year in a row by the same tax preparer, she told me this would be her last year.  I remember noticing the palms of her hands had some kind of red rash that looked like the skin was missing a couple layers, and I wondered if some health issues related to that was the reason she was quitting.  She noticed me looking and she said, "It's a rash.  But don't worry, it's not contagious."  But that's not what I was thinking about when I saw her hands. 

What I was thinking was, she's on chemo.  She must have cancer.  I wonder what kind of cancer she has.  I knew better than to ask such a personal thing.  And too, I thought, maybe I'm wrong.  I didn't know anyone on chemo and had no idea if chemo actually caused that.  I remember thinking, I'll never know if I'm right or not. 

My skin reaction isn't as bad, but since being on chemo for my colon cancer and having the same peeling skin rash, I now know my intuition was correct two and a half years ago.  The message keeps coming to mind that I can trust my senses without second-guessing myself.  For the past few months, uncertainty about intuitive feelings regarding something dear and personal to me was recently cleared with validation.  And because of these two incidences it's really set in what trusting my intuition feels like.  Each time I look back on it I get the feeling of "trust what you feel."  It's as if, second-guessing for long periods of time before having validation really has a way of driving the lesson home.  I don't know if it makes more of an impact than instant verification, or if it's just the satisfaction of finally being validated.